Kalis Ilustrisimo

The Ilustrisimo system of Kalis is a Filipino blade based martial art, named after the family who pioneered and trained it for at least five generations.

The major distinguishing characteristic of the Ilustrisimo system is its efficiency. It has a very pragmatic and practical application of physics and psychology with little to no wasted movement.

The art originates from Bantayan, an island in the Visaya region, north of Cebu in the Philippines.

Grand Master Antonio “Tatang” Ilustrisimo retained and refined his family style while he lived a long, storied and tumultuous life. He had experiences as an eskrimador in various matches, as a seaman going around South-East Asia and as a security-enforcer for businesses and establishments in various areas of the Philippines, including the Tondo-Binondo areas of Manila. He faced numerous duels and challenges, as well as “death matches”.

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