About Us

At Australian Jow Ga Kung Fu our mission is to:

  • welcome students from all backgrounds and all ages into our Sydney Kung Fu ‘Family’
  • pass on the traditions and practices of Jow Ga Kung Fu’s founders
  • keep close ties with our Jow Ga Kung Fu family in China, Hong Kong and internationally
  • encourage a spirit of respect amongst all our kung fu members and community
  • encourage students to live positive, healthy, active lives.

Our school was founded in 1982 and is absolutely unique! 

SiGung Randy Bennett and Simo Victoria Milton created a genuinely Chinese-style Kung Fu Kwoon in the Sydney CBD with all the training equipment you or your children will need. As a Jow Ga member or parent you’ll soon feel like our kung fu school is your home away from home and you are part of the family.

We have a comprehensive curriculum covering many empty hand forms and Chinese weapons.

Our Sydney Kung Fu Headquarters is located in a historic converted warehouse in the heart of the city, on Foster St Surry Hills. 

In addition to our timetable of classes, we also organise events for our members and our community. We host regular kung fu movie nights and dinners (as well as the odd video game competition) and special workshops.