Australian jow ga kung fu academy

Learn traditional Kung Fu in an authentic Chinese-style Kung Fu Kwoon

Our Kung Fu school has been training Sydney’s adult and junior martial artists 6 days a week since 1982. When you join us you will practise Kung Fu in an authentic Chinese-style Kung Fu Kwoon. 

Our Master is Sifu Joshua Smith, the first disciple of the late Grandmaster, SiGung Randy Sullivan Bennett. Students are trained directly by Sifu and our team of expert Kung Fu instructors. 

Our Headquarters is located in a historic converted warehouse in the heart of Sydney, on Foster St in Surry Hills.

Join in our Kung Fu programs for self defence, fitness and the ‘Art of Kung Fu’. Whether you are a parent looking for a safe and stimulating after school class for your child or an adult who has always wanted to learn Kung Fu or improve your existing martial skills, we invite you to contact us for a free trial.

Jow Ga Kung Fu

Learn Northern and Southern Shaolin Kung Fu handed down from Jow Ga’s famous Five Tigers. Our Kung Fu style includes bare-hand and traditional Chinese weapon sets. Join us and harness the lifetime of Kung Fu practice, knowledge and expertise Grandmaster Randy Bennett passed on.

Kids Martial Arts

Kids need to be active and healthy. Our Sydney Kung Fu classes help boys and girls feel and project confidence, have a positive outlook and set goals for themselves. In these classes kids and teenagers get fitter, learn to defend themselves and have fun practising Kung Fu!

Kalis Ilustrisimo

The Ilustrisimo system of Kalis is a Filipino blade based martial art, named after the family who pioneered and trained it for at least five generations. The major distinguishing characteristic of the Ilustrisimo system we learn at the Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy is its efficiency.

Free Trial Week

Get in touch with us for your free trial. Visit the Kwoon, attend classes and find out if we’re what you’re looking for.