Sifu Smith & Professional Instructors

Sifu Josh Smith

Sifu Josh is the first disciple of our late grandmaster, SiGung Randy Bennett. He started his training in Jow Ga in 2001 and He studied for 10 years directly under SiGung Bennett. He became a master of the Jow Ga system in 2011. Training and competing in China, Hong Kong, the Philippines and America Sifu heads up the current generation of Australian Jow Ga Instructors and a new generation of Jow Ga students at our CBD Academy. Sifu is renowned for his standout double broadsword and 3 sectional staff form which was taught to him by SiGung Randy Bennett.

Sifu Josh is a Cert IV accredited Fitness Instructor holding Working With Children Clearance. He is also a professional stunt actor and Kali trainer.

Sifu John Callaghan

Since 1996 Sifu John trained at Australian Jow Ga Kung Fu under the direct tutelage of Grandmaster Randy Bennett. Sifu John is SiGung Randy Bennett’s 2nd disciple. John frequently performs with our team, leads our instructors and students, and represents us internationally at least twice a year. In November 2017 Sifu represented our school and Australia at the World Kung Fu Championships in Emei-Shan, China, winning a bronze medal.

Sifu John is an Accredited Coach – Working with Children clearance. He also enjoys Wushu, sparring, and performing Chinese Lion Dance. Sifu John teaches kids and adults Jow Ga Kung Fu at our Surry Hills HQ and also teaches Intermediate to Advanced classes – which run in series throughout the year.

Dai SiJie Murrielle Asnicar

With over 12 years at Australian Jow Ga, Murrielle holds Black Belt 12th Degree and is a master Adults and Juniors Kung Fu Instructor at HQ. Murrielle was honoured by SiGung Bennett as his chosen disciple in recognition of her level of expertise and her devotion to Jow Ga Kung Fu. She is currently going through her testing for ‘Sifu’ or Master of Jow Ga Kung Fu.

Murrielle is a Striking & Kickboxing Trainer and Accredited Martial Arts coach. She has Working with Children clearance and is a Registered Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional. Murrielle loves performing with our kung fu and lion dance troupe in Sydney and in China and Hong Kong.

SiHeng Phil Barnes

Phil began training at Australian Jow Ga 25 years ago. He has been one of our lead Black Belt Kung Fu instructors in Surry Hills since the year 2000. His special interests are in teaching beginners, practical kung fu techniques and supervising sparring.

Phil’s favourite kung fu forms are Jow Ga’s Double Broadswords and Wushu’s Three-Sectional-Staff verses Staff.

SiJai Amanda Poke

With over 12 years training at Australian Jow Ga Kung Fu, Sydney, Amanda is an NCAS Accredited Martial Arts coach. She has Working with Children clearance and teaches in Surry Hills.

Amanda loves taking dynamic Kung Fu warm ups and teaching kung fu forms. She has a keen interest in Northern Chinese weapon forms – her favourites include Wushu Straight Sword, Jow Ga Double Daggers and Chung Chuan Fan.

Simon Prone

With a background in Judo, Aikido, Karate and wrestling, Simon has over 12 years experience in Kung Fu. Simon has a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and gives IT training to corporate clients, has taught meditation classes, but has the most fun teaching Kung Fu. Simon loves learning and then passing this learning on to others.

With a focus on practical application, Simon is also passionate about sparring and encouraging others to try their kung fu skills in a practical setting. Simon’s favorite form is always the one he’s currently learning.

Jimmy Trieu

Jimmy started his fitness journey with the Jow Ga Kung Fu Fitness Academy 15 years ago after seeing an article on Grandmaster Sifu Randy Sullivan in the Sydney Morning Herald. Since then he has become a senior Jow Ga Instructor, a Cert IV Fitness Coach, Boxing Coach, BJJ and kickboxing enthusiast, and an aspiring stuntman.

Jimmy specialises in prehab/injury prevention and loves to combine mobility and conditioning with the best aspects of martial arts in his classes. One of his passions is applying skills and techniques into practice during sparring.

Mark Nysen

Mark has been practicing Jow Ga Kung Fu for over 20 years. He enjoys the physical and mental fitness that the art encourages and the satisfaction of helping and teaching other students.

Mark has a particular love of performing lion dances with the school, an exciting and culturally rich tradition.

Katrina Douglas

Katrina began her Jow Ga journey in 2001, training under SiGung Randy Bennett. She was thrilled to be awarded her black belt in 2007, the second woman at the time to achieve black belt status under SiGung Bennett. Katrina has represented the Academy at competitions and demonstrations locally, in Hong Kong, and China, and she was honoured to demonstrate Kwan Do to Jow Ga Grand Master, the late Chan Man Cheung in China in 2009. Katrina loves helping people, particularly women, gain confidence and strength through the discipline of learning Jow Ga. Favourite forms include Straight Sword, Double Butterfly Swords, and Double Steel Whips.

Kate Champ

One of the newest instructors at Australian Jow Ga Kung Fu, Kate has been training Kung Fu since 2020. Kate has wide a background in a range of sports, from tae-kwon-do and roller derby to bouldering and powerlifting. Kate has always had an interest in martial arts and has worked as a business and personal coach for almost a decade, so training the children’s classes has been a natural fit. She most enjoys getting people excited about learning new forms, and seeing their evolution over time as they pursue this craft. 

Jesse Rowles

Jesse has continuously pushed the boundaries of physical expression, leaving an indelible mark in both the circus arts and stunt performance realms. However, Jesse’s true passion lies in coaching and skill breakdown, excelling in teaching others the intricacies of their craft. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Jesse has honed the art of breaking down complex skills and making them accessible to aspiring performers. 

Max Snelling