Teens Martial Arts

At the Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy we have dedicated teens classes for ages 13-18 year olds.

They will learn traditional Kung Fu forms and techniques from highly experienced teachers, all with current working with children checks.

At our Martial Arts Classes, teens:

  • learn Self Defence and Jow Ga Kung Fu
  • gain life skills, confidence, respect, fitness
  • interact and let off steam in a fun supportive environment
  • learn the value of setting and working towards specific goals
  • learn from the best professional male and female Kung Fu instructors in Sydney!
  • have opportunities to to perform publicly or compete in Juniors Martial Arts tournaments should they wish to do so

Sydney CBD area kids kung fu classes are held at our Headquarters in Surry Hills. Our Juniors Martial Arts classes run across four terms, year round – with additional holiday workshops on offer as well.

Free Trial Week

Get in touch with us for your free trial. Visit the Kwoon, attend classes and find out if we’re what you’re looking for.