Adults Jow Ga Kung Fu

Learn traditional Jow Ga Kung Fu form sets and their practical applications from the direct disciples of Grandmaster Randy Bennett and the most experienced kung fu instructors in Sydney.

Every class commences with a cardio and conditioning warm up and a functional stretch. There is no better way to get or stay fit than this.

We have a curriculum of 12 levels from White to Black Sash. Each level combines practical aspects of kung fu with a traditional form or pattern – some are bare hand while others are based on traditional Chinese weapons such as bamboo staff or double broadswords.

Once you achieve your black belt, don’t worry – there are another 12 degrees you can earn. You’ll learn kung fu such as animal forms, partner weapon sets and obscure fighting forms like the Chinese bench!

Free Trial Week

Get in touch with us for your free trial. Visit the Kwoon, attend classes and find out if we’re what you’re looking for.