Adults Jow Ga Kung Fu Sydney

At these classes you will learn traditional Jow Ga Kung Fu form sets and their practical applications from the direct disciples of Grandmaster Randy Bennett and the most experienced kung fu instructors in Sydney.

Every class commences with a cardio and conditioning warm up and a functional stretch. There is no better way to get or stay fit than this – you’ll be constantly learning and Australian Jow Ga Kung Fu will be your club.

We have a curriculum of 12 levels from White to Black Sash. Each level combines practical aspects of kung fu with a traditional form or pattern – some are bare hand while others are based on traditional Chinese weapons such as bamboo staff or double broadswords.

Once you achieve your black belt don’t worry there are another 12 degrees you can earn – learning kung fu like animal forms, partner weapon sets and obscure fighting forms like the old-skool Chinese bench!

*Jow Ga Kung Fu membership also includes access to all our Sydney Striking & Kickboxing sessions.

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About Jow Ga Kung Fu

  • Jow Ga differs from other Kung Fu styles as it has equal emphasis on utilising short range techniques as it does on longer range kicking and striking techniques.
  • In Jow Ga Kung Fu power is channelled at the moment of impact so that the energy force is unrestricted – soft, fluid, direct or circular, but hard just when required.
  • As you develop skill in Jow Ga you will become a complete, well-rounded martial artist.
  • Jow Ga is sometimes referred to as ‘Hung Tao Choy Mei’ – Head of Hung ,Tail of Choy – because Jow Ga’s foundations include the Southern styles Choy Gar and Hung Gar combined with Northern Bei Shaolin.
  • As students and instructors enter the kwoon we salute in respect of our founders: Jow Ga’s ancestors Si Jo Jow Biu, Dai SiGung Chan Man Cheung, Dai SiGung Chin Yuk Din and our beloved late Grandmaster Randy Sullivan Bennett.