Grandmaster Randy Bennett

Jow Ga Kung Fu SiGung Randy Bennett

Our Grandmaster was the late SiGung Randy Sullivan Bennett. SiGung was an elite athlete and internationally recognised expert martial artist with well over 40 years of full-time Kung Fu training under his belt. Now the honour of leading Australian Jow Ga students belongs to Sifu Joshua Smith – personally trained by SiGung Bennett over many many years and then chosen to be SiGung’s First Disciple.

Upon his arrival in Sydney in 1982 SiGung established Australian Jow Ga Kung Fu – the first dedicated Jow Ga Kung Fu Kwoon in Australia. He devoted his life to Kung Fu, practicing rigorously and meditating every day.

SiGung had began his Jow Ga Kung Fu training in 1973 under Master Chin Yuk Din, the father of Jow Ga in the USA. Kung Fu Side Kick SiGung Randy BennettHe immediately commenced intensive training, then began teaching under the guidance of Master Chin in Washington DC and at interstate Jow Ga branches. SiGung Bennett then spent almost 3 years sequestered as a monk – during which time he devoted his life to community service, meditation and extensive practice of Jow Ga Kung Fu.

In Hong Kong, SiGung Bennett received further Jow Ga Mastership Certification from our Jow Ga Grand Master, the late Chan Man Cheung.

In the early 1980’s SiGung Bennett also spent many months in the Republic of China intensively studying and practicing Chang Chuan (Long Fist) and Chang Chuan Tanglang (Northern Praying Mantis) under Grandmaster Gao Daosheng. Later, in Australia SiGung also began training in the dynamic international performance art of Wushu under international Heroes such Shao Zhao Ming and Chang Xing. Now under the expertise of Sifu Joshua Smith,  Australian Jow Ga Kung Fu students in Sydney benefit from the influence and integration of Northern Kung Fu styles longer range practices within our Kung Fu system .