Corporate Team Building

Whether you are organising ongoing workplace health and wellbeing initiatives or a once-of staff development day we provide exciting corporate group sessions for your employees – to improve team building, motivation and job satisfaction. These Corporate Team Building sessions can be stimulating lunchtime classes or after hours at your location or at our Surry Hills Kung Fu centre.

Corporate Martial Arts sessions are interactive – including cardio, conditioning, and punching and kicking combinations. Drills are learned and practised with partners, frequently rotating amongst your group – a great way to break down barriers and build constructive relationships. Corporate Kung Fu Training will be energetic, challenging and supportive – suitable for men and women, for all levels of fitness.

Corporate Pilates sessions are beneficial for the mental and physical wellbeing of employees. These classes also aid Human Resources workplace safety measures and aid employees’ postural awareness thus benefiting the company and it’s valued employees.