Our Jow Ga School

Our school is 36 years old and absolutely unique! SiGung Randy Bennett and Simo Victoria Milton created a genuinely Chinese-style Kung Fu Kwoon in the Sydney CBD with all the training equipment you or your children will need. As a Jow Ga member or parent you’ll soon feel like our kung fu school is your home away from home and you are part of the family.

Our Sydney Kung Fu Headquarters is located in a historic converted warehouse in the heart of the city, on Foster St Surry Hills. We also run community kung fu classes in Chatswood.

The Five Tigers of Jow Ga

Jow Ga’s Tigers were the 5 Jow brothers of Sa-Fu village in Guangdong, Southern China who founded our Kung Fu system. The Five Tigers were Jow Lung, Jow Hip, Jow Biu, Jow Hoy and Jow Tin. Jow Lung was the oldest of the 5 Tigers. Jow Lung was assisted by his brothers. He passed away in 1919. Jow Biu was then primarily responsible for further developing and spreading Jow Ga Kung Fu’s system to the rest of Asia and consequently to the world.

Each of the 5 Tigers had a slightly different repertoire and interpretation of the Jow Ga style, bringing his own skills and experience to bear. Thus the practices of each Tiger’s lineage or branch lines can be seen to vary. Australian Jow Ga Kung Fu’s lineage or branch line comes directly from the prolific Jow Tiger, Si Jo Jow Biu.

Jow Ga Kung Fu 5 Tigers